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Dubalu is an extraordinary opportunity with a clear business model. We've developed a program that can help you build and obtain a consistent monthly additional income by referring others to our services.

Earnings Calculator

Try out the calculator to visualize the monthly earnings you would receive by inviting friends to purchase the Dubalu Premium Service.

Compensation Plan

The Dubalu compensation plan is very simple and has a huge growth potential. With Dubalu, not only do you earn through your own personal effort but also the effort of each affiliate that is part of your network. In order to be considered an Active Affiliate and start receiving compensations, it is necessary to purchase the premium service for USD $20/month. Once you become an Active Affiliate, you can earn money in two ways:

1. Initial Bonus

You are paid USD $10 (dubalus) automatically when you refer a new user to become an Affiliate of the Dubalu Premium Service. This bonus is paid once for the first purchase of the Premium Service of each new Affiliate in your 1st level. There's no limit on the number of Affiliates that you can refer directly, the more people you refer the more you earn.

Receive a USD $10 (dubalus) bonus for the first purchase of the premium service of each affiliate in your 1st level.

Earn USD $1.5/month (dubalus) for each affiliate in your network in up to 5 levels deep.

2. Monthly Bonus

You get paid a monthly compensation through five levels according to the number of Affiliates in your network. You'll earn USD $1.5/month (dubalus) for each of the Active Affiliates in your 5 network levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Earn up to 5 levels deep!

Level 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Affiliates 10 100 1,000 10,000
Rank Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
Bonus Level US$25 US$250 US$2,500 US$25,000
Compensation/Affiliate US$1.5/Month
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